Commercial Furniture Designers & Manufacturers

Lamb Macintosh are dedicated to the advancement of good practical
design in the Commercial and Public Workplace, helping create progressive and inspirational working environments. Our mission is to make the necessity of work enjoyable and work places inspirational.

As Designers and Manufacturers, we work with our Clients, listen  to their needs and expectations and provide products and services which are Inspired-to-Work.

Lamb Macintosh has manufactured commercial furniture since 1985, establishing a reputation for design and innovation through an analytical and strategic approach to the work environments. By creating furniture systems and products that suit the diverse and demanding requirements of commerce, Lamb Macintosh has developed into the ideal partner for all areas workplace design.

Our portfolio includes: Reception Desks, Boardroom Tables, Conference, Furniture, Office Desks, Café/Breakout Furniture and Seating.

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